November 2010 Blog Income Report


You can read the October 2010 income update here.

So here are the numbers for November:

Adsense Amazon Total
August $0 $41.40 $41.40
September $78.13 $18.15 $96.28
October $104.90 $80.33 $185.23
November $35.56 $639.40 $674.88

More good news: my blog income is up about 265% over last month. Very surprising, actually, because three weeks into the month, I had made a total of about $10. However, I had a couple of posts that popped and brought a bunch of Amazon affiliate revenue. The relatively low number of popular posts resulted in less traffic, and thus less advertising revenue, something I plan to focus on more in December. Overall, though, I’m pretty excited; I think it’s realistic to be able to make a living off my blog in another 18-24 months. I still haven’t done hardly anything other than post content every day and post the occasional post to Hacker News. I have to think that when I start really working on marketing and promoting the blog elsewhere, I’ll be able to continue the growth. I only need about 20% growth per month to get to the point where I could live off my blog in a year. Judging by the last few months, I don’t think that’s completely unrealistic, but we’ll see.

If you have suggestions on how I can make this blog even more valuable for you, please let me know in the comments!