What I’m doing now

This now page was last updated February 3rd, 2019 from NYC

What I’ve been doing the last few weeks:

I had a great holiday period at the end of 2018, taking an 11-day cruise by myself before Christmas, which I typically do a few times per year. It’s a great way for me to spend some time thinking, writing, planning, and relaxing. I did some diving too, which was nice. And I enjoyed the warm weather:

St. Thomas, USVI

I got back just before Christmas, which we spent in NYC with Alexis’ parents and sister. Fun times!

Then Alexis, Junia, and I went to Colorado for a few days to spend time at a cabin in Estes Park, a holiday tradition we’ve been doing for more than a decade now.

Finally, Alexis and I went on another cruise to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Great time, but after 5 weeks of travel and family and hectic pacing, I was glad to land back in NYC in mid-January and get back into a routine again.

And then for the last three weeks, I’ve been focused on wrapping up a couple client projects, and switching the marketing automation stack on both Everleads and my list to use ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign, respectively. It wasn’t my choice, but Drip has been struggling with tons of bugs and support and deliverability issues for the last year, and then they tried doubling my price with less than 2 weeks notice, so it was time to go. Very glad to have found ActiveCampaign, but switching took a lot longer than I thought it would! For example, here’s a relatively simple pitch sequence for Freelance250k:

What I’m focused on the next few weeks:

Clients: Very close to wrapping up three different client projects that have been on my plate for awhile, so that’ll be nice.

Outreach: A few months ago I signed up for a coaching program with VideoFruit to build my partner outreach program. Sad to say that I got bogged down in other stuff and I haven’t done very much with it, so now I’m digging down into that to get caught up.

Writing: I’m also trying to post a new piece of content (at least 500-1000 words) every day on this site, Everleads, or mobileCTO. I haven’t been worrying too much about what gets posted when or where, as long as I hit the publish button every day. My focus is really just on building up my momentum and writing muscles, since I haven’t published anything in a long time. But it’s been about two weeks now of daily posting, so I’ll be focusing next on building a more organized content plan, with keywords to focus on, specific topics and article ideas, and a posting schedule for what will go live when.

Planning: Finally, I need to plan out some new product and resource launches for the next couple months. I have at least one big paid product and one big free product that I’m launching, and possibly more, so stay tuned!

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