Coaching Program Application

This is a chance for me to get an overview of you, your business, and how I can be most useful with my advice. Everything you tell me here is confidential. No one else will see this. Please note that I ask some personal questions just to get a better idea of where you're coming from, but all questions are optional, so just skip anything you'd rather not answer! Looking forward to helping you grow your business. -- Ryan
  • Links to website, social media profiles, etc
  • Please provide as much detail as possible, including actual numbers if you can and feel comfortable
  • How many clients do you typically have at once, how long do projects last, how many hours per week do you work on freelance, etc?
  • Gross income minus business expenses (not including taxes)
  • For example, "I'd like to earn $150k per year within the next few years."
  • Significant other, best friend, siblings, parents, etc. If you're not sure, ask them!
  • Why did you sign up for Pro+ instead of Pro?