Update on Goals

Warning: the contents of this post are personal and probably won’t interest the majority of readers. These “progress update” posts are as much for me as anyone, but I encourage you to read through them and post any questions or encouragements in the comments. Thanks!

I’m halfway through my first month under my new goal plan, and I just wanted to give a quick update.

The first week of the month was rough…I got caught up in client work and trying to get BlueSwarm.com out the door and things unraveled quickly. I spent last week trying to get things back on track and stabilized. Things are running smoothly again and hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up through the end of the month. I’m also considering dropping the “morning pages” daily habit, but we’ll see.

Oh, and I didn’t manage to do my weekly review for GTD on Friday, so I’ll be doing it today instead 🙁

I had a bit too much on my plate, so I’ve cut one of my projects out and severely de-emphasized another. I’m hoping that this should free up some time and mental cycles. I’m hoping to clean out a couple more projects within the next few months.

My 30-day goals are going ok, but I’m running about one week behind where I should be on most of the goals. I’m going to severely kick it up a notch over the next seven days, which should put me in striking distance to most of the goals with a week to go in September. I’ve also decided to drop one of my goals, which was to go completely paperless in my record-keeping. The scanner I want to use for that costs several hundred dollars, and I feel that some other things are a higher priority right now, so I’m bumping that goal back to the 90-day mark.

Thanks to all of you who have asked how I’m doing with my goals and habits. Your interest and encouragement have been most helpful. Please continue to keep me accountable!