Update on 21times

Less than two weeks ago, we launched http://hn.21times.org, an email course for programmers and developers who have accepted the challenge to launch an app in 30 days or less. We arranged for some amazing content from some of the best writers and bloggers out there to be delivered right to subscriber’s inboxes Monday – Friday, and we built a simple 1-click tracking system so that people can record their progress toward their goal.

Since then, we’ve been steadily rolling out new features, and we’ve been continuing to sign up new people to the course. Today, we signed up our 800th developer, which is pretty amazing for just two weeks of work and almost zero promotion other than a post on Hacker News and my previous post here. We’ve received tons of awesome feedback and suggestions from everyone on the list, and we’re really excited to see where things go from here. We can’t wait to see all the amazing projects and apps that people are building, and we’ll be featuring some of our favorites on the site.

If you’re at all interested in building and launching an app, our content and tracking system will help you do it better and faster, so sign up now.