What does “Unstoppable Freelancer” mean?

I have these words written all over this website, including the homepage:


Sounds nice, but what does “unstoppable” actually mean?

Unstoppable Freelancers do not give up.

Together, we are building healthy, satisfying, and sustainable businesses that earn life-changing profits.

Not life-changing as in fancy house or private jet, but in a better sense:

  • Earning enough from your own business to live well will change your life.
  • Having control over when and where you work will change your life.
  • Being financially secure enough to walk away from a negative business relationship will change your life.
  • Having the freedom and flexibility to never miss your kids’ important moments because of work will change your life.

It’s not about how profit impacts your wallet or the fancy cool stuff you can buy.

It’s about how having a healthy, sustainable business will impact your soul.

This is how we aspire to live:

We are Unstoppable Freelancers

We are experts and artisans, pursuing mastery in our craft.

We are also entrepreneurs, and we take our business seriously.

We build community and seek to learn from other entrepreneurs.

We take responsibility. We are comfortable living with the upside rewards and downside risks of our decisions and actions.

We create radically more value for our clients than we capture.

We value sales and marketing and take it seriously.

We are effective and disciplined in our daily work.

We are not desperate when negotiating with clients over rates, timelines, scope, and other terms.

We control the manner, time, and location in which we work.

We recoil at the idea of average. We know we are capable of more, and that there is no limit or ceiling to what we can accomplish.

We are helpful, hopeful, and grateful.

We don’t always get it right, but together, we’re unstoppable.

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