They let me fly an airplane? Seriously?

Yesterday, I decided to take a quick break from work and go flying. I haven’t been up flying solo since my initial student solo last month, because my club requires a solo phase check with a different instructor before you can solo again. I passed my phase check recently, so I was itching to get up there by myself and practice some things that I’d learned. The weather yesterday was great, so I booked a plane, drove down to the airport, and went flying.

It’s a very bizarre feeling, to be up there completely on your own. The last time I soloed, my instructor was standing right there watching me, and I just did three normal loops around the pattern. Now it’s different; it’s up to me to decide if it’s safe. I have to decide where to go and what to practice, and if something goes wrong, it’s completely on my shoulders. I take it very seriously, and being a safe pilot is my top priority. I love flying, but I love life more. That said, a little well-managed risk is worth the incredible sense of accomplishment and freedom you feel when you lift off by yourself (truly by yourself) for the first time.

I think I’ll go again tomorrow 🙂