Progress is the goal, not perfection

The last week has been a rough one. I’ve been very busy juggling client work and working feverishly to get out the door. We’re very close and I hope to be posting about that any day now. Anyway, my daily habits fell apart sometime around last Wednesday and I’ve been fighting to catch up on things and get back into the swing of it since then. I realized today that a third of September is now gone, and I can feel the weight of my 30-day goals pressing in on me. I think I’m going to hit most of them, but there’s one or two that are going to be a real stretch.

Sometimes I feel like I can never get ahead, but I have to remember that perfection is NOT the goal, progress is. If I set perfection up as the ultimate aim, I tend to wait until things are perfect, but they never are.

So I’m jumping back into things today, even though it’s already past 5pm and I’m swamped and the easy thing to do would be to tell myself that I’ll get a fresh start tomorrow. The problem is that tomorrow turns into next week and next month and next year and never. Today is all that matters.

And please, If you see me on Twitter, ask me how my daily habits and goals are going 🙂