One month, two puppies, and a buttload of paper towels

Warning: this post is personal in nature and relatively useless unless you like dogs. So if you’re looking for action-oriented info or something other than entertainment, this isn’t the post for you 😉


About five weeks ago, my wife and I welcomed two new members to our family: two beagle puppies named Barkley and Bianca. They’ve been a lot of work, but we’re really enjoying them. They’re almost twelve weeks at this point, and we’re both really shocked at how good they are. They sleep in separate crates at night, they sleep through the whole night, they don’t cry when they’re left alone, they don’t really bark, they sleep a lot, and they have a pretty well-adjusted nature in general. Hopefully this isn’t just a phase, but we’re working hard with them on training and we’re taking them to puppy classes so they get plenty of early socialization with other people and dogs.

Though they’ve been great overall, it’s not all awesome. For example, it’s been pretty difficult to get into a routine with them. Before we got them, I would get up every morning at 4:15am and head to my office, but now Alexis and I trade off days getting up with them in the morning and taking care of them for the bulk of the day. As I can’t get a lot done while at home, this has impacted my productivity. However, we’re getting back into a routine and I’m hopeful that my productivity will end up close to pre-canine levels.

If you want to see more pictures, check them out here: