November Goals Update

Well, after the bloodbath that October was, November could only be better. And it was. I worked very hard to stay on top of my daily habits and the results speak for themselves:

  • Out of 20 days for my seven habits (I do them mon-fri), I did them 100% of the time, up from 33% last month
  • My weekly habits were done 100% of the time, up from 40% last month
  • I completed both of my monthly habits, or 100%, same as last month
  • Of 23 goals for the month, I completed 10, or 43%, up from 0% last month

Hitting all seven daily habits every day was brutal. There were numerous days where I headed out for a run after midnight or 1am, when I really wanted to just get to bed. On the goal side of things, things obviously aren’t what they should be. I got to Thanksgiving Day and I could have busted my butt all weekend and knocked a few more off the list, but I didn’t. I figured if I hadn’t worked hard all month when I should have, 43% was more accurate than 55% or something. As usual, I was about a week away from completing almost all of my remaining goals, but squeezing it in was just too much. I’ve pushed the remaining uncompleted goals out to December and I’ll be working hard to get those done this month. Here’s a sample of the goals from November:


  • Assemble a 72-hour emergency kit
  • Run across Golden Gate Bridge
  • Run a 10k
  • Launch BlueSwarm
  • Attend two industry events


  • Run 2 miles in less than 14 minutes
  • Pay off a debt I owe a family member
  • Review and streamline finances (close accounts, cancel subscriptions, etc)

I’m looking forward to seeing how things go over the next month, which is packed with distractions and temptations. As always, your encouragement and advice are welcome in the comments below 🙂