New theme is finally up!

I started on a new theme for my blog months ago, but with client work and entrepreneurial pursuits and my trip to Asia, things just kept getting pushed back.  I finally spent some time to finish things up to the point that I’m ready to put it online, though everything isn’t completely done yet.  I would love some feedback, specifically around the points below:

  • Do you like the design overall?
  • Do you see any issues in your browser? (if so, what browser and OS?)
  • Is the navigation confusing at all?
  • Is there anything obvious missing?
  • Are the fonts readable?

In case anyone is interested, this is a 100% from scratch WordPress 2.5 theme based on a design that my good friend Ben Lew whipped up for me almost six months ago.  So far, the plugins I’m running are just Akismet, Feedburner, and SearchEverything (to filter out pages and certain categories from search results).  The flash image slideshow is SlideShowPro with a custom script that pulls images from a set in my Flickr account.  If anyone is interested in the overall setup of the taxonomy, pages, etc, I’ll be glad to detail it all in another post.

If I had to do it again, I would use Drupal, primarily due to the better taxonomy control.  But WordPress has worked out well and I’m excited to see things grow.  I still have a fair bit of content to get in here, especially projects.  Other things I plan on adding in the future are a specific page layout for projects, as well as leveraging tags on both posts and projects.  One other thing I would like to add is a place to list pages that fall under one of the five major areas of the site (Blogger, Consultant, etc).  Any ideas?

Anyway, I’m glad it’s finally done and I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks!

UPDATE: I’m getting reports from some users who are seeing just a big empty grey box in the header area of the site, instead of the photos that should be appearing.  If you see this, please leave a comment and let me know what browser / OS you’re running and what version of Flash you have installed (if you know).  Thanks!