My practice 10k across the Golden Gate bridge

This Sunday, I’m participating in a 10k. It will be my first organized 10k, which is one of my goals for the month. As it’s been years since I last ran that far, I’ve been working on preparing. I decided I’d better run a “practice” 10k of my own, and since I had another goal this month to run across the Golden Gate bridge, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone. I set out on Saturday afternoon and from my office to the bridge and back to this side, 6.5 miles in all. I wasn’t tracking my time all that carefully, but I estimate it was right around an hour. I’m hoping for about 55 minutes when I run the real 10k on Sunday, but as it’s my first one, I’m not too concerned with my time.

The run across the actual bridge was incredible. The day was perfect: sunny, clear, and crisp. The views were amazing and I was listening to some of my favorite music. Definitely one of my favorite experiences since I moved to San Francisco.

Here’s a couple crummy pics I took with my iPhone: