My muses: Feeds, pounding the pavement, and persistance

I’m trying to blog a fair amount these days, on,,, and When I first starting blogging seriously back in January or February of 2007, I wondered if I would run out of things to write about. At first, it was difficult. I would sit and write the first sentence or two of a post, erase it, try again, erase it, and repeat until I got bored and starting rummaging around digg. But as I stuck with it and blogged, I found that I had more and more ideas, and my posts flowed a lot easier. However, I’ve gotten rusty and fallen out of the blogging habit. Now that I’m trying to blog more, I’m finding it difficult to come up with things to write about. So to get things rolling again, I’m going to follow a three-part strategy that I find always helps me get going:

  1. Feeds – Reading other bloggers and content sites out there is always good inspiration and a good way to keep your pulse on what’s happening on the Internet. Additionally, it gives you cool stuff to link to and tell your readers about. I’ve fallen a bit behind on my feeds lately, so I’m digging back in with gusto, searching for new blogs to read, and ditching the ones that aren’t inspiring me anymore.
  2. Running – I used to run in the mornings, but lately I just haven’t been making time. When I run, I listen to music, but I also think a lot about the topics that I blog about. There’s something about just hitting the street and taking off on a 3 mile run up to the edge of the Bay and stopping to take in the view that gets my creative juices flowing. Pretty soon, I’m trying to remember all the awesome ideas I have until I can get back and write them down. Now that I have my iPhone, I can run with it and record my ideas on the go.
  3. Blogging – Nothing helps grease the writing gears like actually writing. The best cure for writer’s block is to write anyway. It may not be good, but at least you’ll have written something. Over time, you’ll find that writer’s block happens less frequently, as your mind is prepared to write regardless of how you feel.

So there you have it. If you see that I’m not blogging much, please ask me why…I need the kick in the butt.