MightyBrand in 60 seconds

It’s recently come to my attention that in the excitement of the last five months, I’ve neglected to really talk about MightyBrand, my startup, and what’s going on with it. So here’s a brief overview for those of you that are curious.

In mid-2006, Ben Lew, Ben Rasmusen, and myself all started working on a social network aggregator called BlueSwarm. The idea was to allow you to easily see what your friends were doing across all the different social networks. We launched it in July 2007 and got some decent feedback, but we weren’t sure how we were going to monetize it, so we started thinking about different ways to use the technology.

In April of 2008, we got the idea to build a social media monitoring service for brands. We started coding in May of 2008, using a lot of the existing code from BlueSwarm. We kept the name BlueSwarm and launched our prototype in September 2008. For the next few months, we gathered feedback from our alpha users, tweaked our business model, built out a slew of new features, and renamed the company to MightyBrand.

We launched as MightyBrand on Jan. 22nd, 2009. Since then, we’ve worked on MightyBrand full-time, helping companies and individuals learn how to build strong brands online using social media. If you’d like to know more, check out the MightyBrand blog and follow us on Twitter.

The last five months have been challenging and exhilarating and I’m gathering enough blog post material to get me through the next ten years. I’ll post some of my lessons learned later, but in the meantime, if you have any questions, please post them in the comments…I’d love to hear from you!