It’s like living in a hotel

My wife and I hired a housekeeper today. I was surprised when they showed up with three people and said it would take 60-90 mins to clean. We only have a small two bedroom apartment, so I didn’t think it would be that much work to clean. I had an appointment, so I left them to their fun.

Coming back home this evening was eye-opening. The apartment is sparkling. They cleaned everything. They did the floors, scrubbed the bathroom, cleaned the stove and the microwave, did the dishes, dusted the blinds, vacuumed the furniture. They windexed the freaking picture frames. Amazing. And it’s not really that expensive. This is something that’s been on our list of things to outsource for awhile, but we just hadn’t gotten around to it until now.

We’ve had pretty good experiences outsourcing. We’ve had a virtual assistant in the Philippines for the last year or so who helps us with research and other online tasks. And we have a writer in Turkey that writes great articles for us. It’s a learning curve, but we’re getting better at it, and the benefits of being able to outsource stuff you aren’t good at or don’t enjoy doing are huge. What would you like to outsource?