I’m not always as up to date on the news as I should be, and something caught my eye today that has probably been in the national news for months, but had previously escaped my attention. The issue in question? The Ground Zero Mosque.

At first I wasn’t sure what the controversy was, and I read through some articles trying to understand, before I realized that people are literally just upset because a mosque is going to be built near ground zero.

Oh no! Anything but that!!

Seriously, this is the world we live in now? I was surprised to learn that the majority of Americans are against the mosque being built there, and that even the majority of New Yorkers are against it. What ever happened to religious freedom? I was under the impression that America was founded in large part to escape these kinds of ridiculous attitudes. This is like being upset that some Japanese people live near you during WWII. Oh wait…we actually rounded those people up and put them in camps. Some things never change.

Stuff like this is why I don’t read newspapers or watch TV news. It’s too depressing to be constantly reminded that I share my country with such ignorance and stupidity.

Stay classy, America.