is live

About a year ago, I started blogging in earnest about personal finance and investment, as well as the occasional post on personal development.  In April 2007, I started a series about investing for young adults, which took me a bit longer to complete than originally planned (6 months vs. 1 month).  During the process of writing that series, I got the idea for a site dedicated to helping young adults succeed, covering topics like personal finance, career development, etc.  I got so excited that I turned the project into a huge mountain of an idea and got discouraged.  I have since decided that I need to start somewhere, so I’m going to go ahead and just give it a try.  Hence, is now live as a simple blog (for now).  I’ll be moving a lot of my personal finance and investing posts (including the series) over to Bounteo.  Please check it out or subscribe to the feed.  Also, I would love any suggestions on how to make the site better, post topics, etc.  Thanks!

PS – The name comes from the word “bounteous”, just in case you were wondering.