Back like jack with lesson learned: taking time off is often a mistake

I’m back! I’ve been blogging daily for the last year or so, but I took a few weeks off in April to pursue another endeavor, and a few weeks turned into the whole month of April. Then that turned into May as well. So I decided June 1 was the new plan, but that came and went. I finally decided today that enough is enough.

Here’s the lesson: momentum is everything.

I see this in a lot of areas in my life; blogging is just the latest one to bite me. It comes down to focusing on your successes. If you’re doing something and it’s working, double down. Don’t start looking around for something else that you can do as well. Build on your current success; it’s working for a reason!

And be extremely careful about taking a little time off. The last time I did that it took me three years to start my daily blogging again. No good, and that’s why I’m forcing myself to get back into it today, even though starting up after not doing something for awhile is rough. My writing just feels rusty in my head, so it may take a week or two to hit my stride.

It’s 10x as hard to create something new as it is to optimize something you already have that’s working.

Have you experienced this? I can’t be the only one 🙂