Babies should be grown in pods

Over the last couple years, I’ve watched a number of friends have kids and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m so glad that I’m a guy and don’t have to go through that. Pregnancy and childbirth seem awful, so I’ve been wondering what the alternatives are. Turns out there’s some research that’s been done in the area of artificial uteruses. Of course, such technology is years, maybe even decades away, but imagine if you could have something like this in your living room:


I can see four main reasons that this would be a hugely positive thing:

  • Pregnancy is hard on a mother’s body. Childbirth is worse. Skip them both.
  • Safer environment for the fetus
  • Allows women unable to carry their own child to still have kids
  • It’s a lot more convenient and less painful

I think one of the biggest benefits is the last one. Who says that having kids should be a miserable experience? And I’m sure that many women would choose to give birth the “natural” way, just as many women currently choose to forgo the benefits and advances of modern science and medical technology. That doesn’t mean the rest of us should.

To be clear, I wouldn’t be in favor of this if it wasn’t as safe (roughly) or safer than natural gestation. And I think that pod-babies should have the same rights as natural babies, meaning that you shouldn’t be allowed to unplug the thing if you change your mind after a few months. But if the method can be made safe and we can enact the proper ethical and legal policies, then bring on the pod-babies.

Am I crazy? Is this treating humans as commodities? Tell me in the comments.

Note: that’s a picture of the WinePod, in case you’re wondering.