21times startup sprint wrap-up

A week ago, we finished the 21times November Startup Sprint. For the month of November, we created a series of articles and blog posts from some of the best writers on the web with the goal of helping developers build and launch an app in 30 days or less. I’ve blogged about the course before, but I wanted to share a few pieces of info with you now that we have a full cycle behind us.

We’ve been surveying participants and the results are very encouraging. The majority of the respondents found the course “very useful” or “indispensable” in their quest to launch an app in 30 days. More than 85% said that the course helped keep them motivated and on-track, and hundreds of projects were launched by participants of the course. We’ll be featuring some of the best ones on our homepage in the next couple weeks, but I’m really excited to have been a tiny part of all these amazing projects.

We’ve also received some great suggestions on how to improve the course going forward that we’ll work to implement soon, but it’s a great tool and source of motivation right now, so if you’ve been thinking about launching an app of your own, go sign up at http://hn.21times.org and get started today. You don’t need to wait for next month or even next week, you can sign up and get your first article tomorrow, completely free. Go sign up right now.