Take it down a notch, sportsfans

I get that you’re excited. Really, I get that. Just because I don’t care for professional sports doesn’t mean that I don’t understand what it’s like to feel excited when you win. And come on, winning the World Series is a huge accomplishment, especially for the Giants, who I understand hadn’t won in quite awhile. So yes, it’s awesome to celebrate. You know what’s not awesome? Setting things on fire. Attacking people. Destroying property. Injuring other human beings and destroying things for no reason at all.

I can already hear the sports fans out there making excuses. “This is just a few bad apples! Most sports fans aren’t like that! They’d riot over something else if it wasn’t this! You don’t understand!”

Nonsense. You can’t riot with just a few bad apples. And this doesn’t happen every day, so it hardly seems inevitable that these people will find some reason to be morons. But the real problem is that our culture is currently so sports-crazed that people actually have their identity wrapped up in the teams they like. The Giants winning the World Series matters very little in the grand scheme of things. It’s just a game, and some people have let it control their lives to the point that they’re rioting in the streets, causing mayhem, costing hundreds of thousands dollars of taxpayer money, destroying property, and (most disgustingly) injuring people! And these people’s team won!

It’s disgusting. But what’s equally disgusting is the tacit approval that so many people give to this kind of behavior. “Oh, that’s just the way some fans are!” If people aren’t willing to condemn this kind of behavior strongly, then it’ll continue to get worse. People have killed each other over their sports team rivalries. That so many of you reading this will be neither surprised or appalled by this fact is proof that our society places too much emphasis on sports. If you need to get this worked up, do so for justice, or poverty, or equal rights, or any of the truly important issues in our world. But over a game?

If your level of maturity and view of the world is such that people’s enjoyment of a game takes precedent over human life, please move to Philadelphia. I hear you’ll fit right in.