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The World As I (will) See It – Ten Paradigm Changes I’ll Live to See

08.07.08 Posted in Future, Science, Technology by

I’ve been reading a lot of futurist articles, science fiction, and thinking about the future of humanity and all that science and technology have yet to offer us. Here are ten things that seem incredibly far-fetched today that I believe I will live to see, my prediction for when they’ll be widely available, along with […]

“@ryanwaggoner is *floating* down Post St. two blocks away”

06.05.08 Posted in Future, Science by

To follow up on my post from yesterday regarding researchers discovering a way to analyze a GPS trace and determine the mode of transportation (walking, biking, driving, etc), I want to propose a new mode of travel. Today, I saw this story about how physicists have potentially discovered a way to levitate items.  Currently, the […]

The aggressive advancement of genomics

04.18.08 Posted in Future, Science, Technology by

Interesting article about sequencing a person’s DNA and the advances in speed and cost. The Human Genome Project was the first team to successfully sequence a human being’s entire genome and cost roughly $3 billion, taking about 13 years to sequence one person’s DNA, finishing in 2003. Last year, researchers sequenced someone’s DNA for $1.5 […]

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